Hiden’ Biden No Longer An Option

The military industrial complex is a powerful enemy to make. President Trump has learned that lesson well, or as Chuck Schumer forewarned — “six ways to Sunday.” When one does things like withdrawal from a civil war in Syria in which we’ve been arming jihadis for the sake of opposing the (other evil guy) Assad, all sorts of turmoil take hold in the defense department. For example, how about an unsubstantiated story in which Russian soldiers supposedly put bounties on American heads with no pushback from the president. As it would turn out, that information never made it into the presidential daily brief because it was, well, garbage information from a garbage source. A captive Taliban commando told the story to his interrogators with no evidence beyond his own word, which in the intel world, is worth a cup of coffee when added to a couple dollars.

Then there were “leaked” stories about how he president insulted our troops in uniform as “suckers” and “losers,” the source of such info completely anonymous of course and the actual facts surrounding the story proving it wrong at every turn. 

The media may as well work directly for the defense industry, and in many ways they do. One thing is for sure; together, they are a formidable propaganda machine. And that machine has been trained on President Trump over and over and over again, from the moment he took office to the moment I type these words. And that’s what has been so impressive about his foreign policy moves. The idea of calling troops home from deserts for which they have no business is one that makes utter sense to the everyday American, but to the affluent Virginia bureaucracies, it is an unforgivable sin against the empire from which their own living has been sustained. Forever wars mean forever pundits, forever contracts and forever boogymen; whatever keeps the property value high around the Beltway.

The Military Industrial Complex own both sides of Congress and they love to prove as much. It happens at least once a year. In the dead of night, a thousand page monstrosity is dropped on the members of Congress. Its members—our supposed elected representatives—give it a rubber stamp despite the fact that we literally cannot even audit the Department of Defense — no, reality, they tried. In 2017, the Trump administration ordered an audit of the DoD and after a year of hand-wringing, waved the white flag in the form of a report that said the records were simply too screwed up to organize. A more suspicious American may have easily taken that report as a way of saying “that’s above your pay grade, mister.”

It’s this immense power wielded by the defense lobby that has made President Trump extremely impressive in many ways. Never, in my time at least, has an American faced down the wishes of the CIA on several occasions, most notably when he handed the commie versions of the Kurds to Erdogan so that they may become his problem. I appreciate their alliance with us to kill ISIS, as I’m sure do most Americans, but at the end of the day they’re still socialists. We also partnered with Stalin in WWII. History is complicated and mutual interests make odd bedfellows. Don’t misunderstand me; a strong military is vital to foreign policy. I’m not even against US force when strategically wise. For example, while some folks panicked about WWIII after Trump killed Soilemani, others (cough*cough) argued that it would save countless lives by letting the Iranian leadership know this was a different era and their stunts would be met with deadly force at high levels. There is a world of difference between sending messages to terrorist regimes and committing to endless wars without clear objectives.

And now, in a move that’s sure to upset the established neocon order more than any move thus far, President Trump is reportedly headstrong about bringing a number of troops home from both Iraq and Afghanistan (Yes, America, we’re still in both those places!). Under the reported plan, there will not be a full scale withdrawal so much as a sharp reduction in troops. The intended troop cuts, according to several US news organizations, would almost halve the force in Afghanistan from 4,500 to 2,500, and the presence in Iraq from 3,000 to 2,500.

To those who want a full, rip-off-the-bandaid type of departure, please be wary that President Trumop would be responsible for thousands upon thousands of slaughtered natives who worked with “the Americans.” There are smart ways of doing things and dumb ways of doing them; let’s embrace for former.

There is another risk about which we must remain sober. If President Trump does indeed order the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, we are likely to see attacks in both places, in Iraq from Iranian Shiites, and Afghanistan from Taliban with assorted terror groups from outside the country. This is meant to humiliate. They want to make America look like we’re running from defeat. This type of propaganda is indeed effective, just as it was for bin Laden after our Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia. 

Now here’s the good news. 

President Trump is the exact type of man to inform foreign powers that departure from their country does not require them to sit back and allow attacks on our forces, and that attacks on our troops have consequences. When President Trump speaks, they listen. That Soleimani strike was one valuable thing. Thus, this president has the rare type of spine required to get our troops out of a place without the host country maximizing our honor.


And Now for the Checkmate


Trigger warning: This section of the piece assumes a President Joe Biden. I understand that is in dispute but we’re making that assumption for the sake of this analysis.

RNR readers are probably sick to death of hearing me yammer on about the civil war brewing within the Democrat party (perhaps because they’ve been preparing for one in America), but I will repeat once more: The fundamental divide within the Democrat party is both the most undereported and consequential political story of the last 5 years. And now, it going to come to a head, with the expert guidance of President Trump, of course.

The differences within the Democrat party warrant a piece of their own but for the sake of simplification, think of this way: Bernie wing vs the Pelosi wing. The Pelosi wing is just as beholden to the forces that drop off that thousand-page spending bill in the middle of the night and demand a vote immediately. The Bernie wing—or some way now call it the AOC wing—may as well be from a different planet . The Branch Bernidians refuse to recognize the role of defense corporations in drafting our legislation, but for different reasons than the Trumpers. See, they want that money spent on free everything-else. They don’t care to clean up the process while maintaining a strong military, they want a revolution and the military is standing it their way. They are the chickens that have come home to roost from our educational system.

And they have no intention of seeing Nancy Pelosi’s side of things.

The issues that will be caused by this divide have the potential to fracture Democrats into virtual irrelevance and could lead to massive losses in congressional races in 2022 and 2024. The radical left is the single most valuable political tool in advancing the conservative agenda, provided were willing to highlight and face it head on. The far left hurt Dems so badly in recent congressional races that not even their mathematical advantage in vulnerable seats was enough to gain seats in the House. And now Establishment Democrats are starting to speak out—forcefully—as they see the peril represented by socialist wing of the party. Even Rep. James Clyburn, owner of one of the safest House seats in America, slammed the “defund the police” movement from his webcam recently.

And this, my friends, is how President Trump has destroyed their hopes of unity with his latest ballsy move. The aforementioned Bernie wing want withdrawal from everywhere, point blank, right now, no exceptions. They are radical, after all. What does that mean for Joe Biden’s foreign policy direction? Any increase in troops loses him the Bernie wing immediately. And yes, that is fatal to the party. The problem is, Joe Biden does what he is told by the same people who order around Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumber, Nancy Pelosi, Marco Rubio and the rest of the Swamp. Do you think Raytheon gives a damn about Ilhan Omar’s selective pacifism Hell no. Ideologues are mere annoyances in the midst of billion dollar contracts.

By cutting American troops levels in half, President Trump has forced Joe Biden to make a definitive decision for where his foreign policy is headed, and in terms of party unity, there is no correct answer. President Trump has forced Biden to do what he refused to do on the campaign trail: take a stand. And it stands to the be a beautiful thing to watch. Whether Trump had this in mind when formulating his plans, I doubt. Beyond the bluster and self-concern, Trump has shown himself to put the lives of his troops above politics.

However, that is absolutely the effect, which leads me to believe in a very distinct possibility. President Trump has an uncanny feel for the divide among Democrats and what mobilizes the Bernie crowd. Give Donald J. Trump 4 years to highlight the record of Joe Biden and divide the Dem party, and he stands a very, very good chance of cleaning Joe Biden’s clock in 2024, should he choose that route. And that is 4 years to mobilize his 70M+ movement into a politically aware movement that will not all the steal of 2020.

With everything happening, it’s impossible to say where we will be next week, much less the next four years. But there is one truth that no one in the Democrat party or their media machine dare mention, yet it is a fact that is almost certain to be determinative of their fate. The truth is Democrats need Donald Trump, for without him, all hope of unity is lost. Without the ultimate boogeyman, the grand scapegoat, Democrats are forced to look inward at who they actually are, which is a loosely affiliated assortment of Marxists, clueless coastal elites, moderate women in the suburbs who no longer have use for them and minorities stuck in cycles of poverty and fatherlessness engineered by their very own government.

The truth is, half the country has spent 4 years blaming their problems on President Trump and it only served to make him more popular than ever. Now, they must face the real monster; the one in the mirror. That monster isn’t manufactured reality. Vladimir Putin cannot be blamed for its ugly reflection. Only brutal self-honesty can slay the demons of the Democrat party and bring them together as a formidable political machine, and that’s the one weapon you won’t find at an Antifa rally.






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