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Hello, RNR reader. I want to send my heartfelt thanks to those of you who have stuck with me despite my troubles keeping this site active. A great deal of work has been done patching wise to ensure site security. That work has been ugly at times with many hard life lessons learned, but undoubtedly for the greater good. In the absence of a real press, everyday Americans must step up and fill the vacuum with real, useful information.

There are arguments to be had as to when and where our news apparatus went so wrong. I believe it really started when “the most trusted man in America,” Walter Cronkite, took it upon himself to declare the Vietnam War lost from the comfort and safety of his hotel. Ever since, the line between news and editorialization has been blurred, and we’ve now devolved to the point where news is little more than infotainment, light on the info and heavy on the ‘tainment. The modern news landscape is one of tribalism and echo chambers, with more and more viewers tuning in not so much to be informed but to have their own views reinforced.

To be clear, RNR is not without partisan bias. Until artificial intelligence produces a fact-spewing robot to replace journalists, humans will always have their biases. And even then, the argument will merely shift to whomever programmed that damned robot. However, I can promise you this: I will always strive to provide the most accurate information possible regardless of its alignment within my own world view. If I don’t like a fact, that will not prevent said fact’s publication. I will strive for objectivity while being upfront about my own views. In my previous work as an intelligence analyst, I did not have the freedom to inject my own views into my analyses, which is exactly how it should be (Are you listening, Peter Strzok?). But this is my site, with my own personal writing delivered however the hell I please. Thus, I will not be shy about making my personal views known, but I will not do it at the expense of the truth.

And so with that said, let’s begin a new era of RNR, one in which we actually friggin exist most of the time. Today’s column is meant to serve as an example of what to expect from my format going forward. Normal publishing days will be Monday through Thursday, but special in-depth pieces will also be published periodically based on need. Some subjects are simply too complicated for a Daily Recap. But for everything else, I aim to create a simple summary of the news accessible to the most casual political/geopolitical observer. Most Daily Recaps will have between three and five stories on average. This one only has one piece for the purpose of introducing everyone to how the site will operate, including the page-turning mechanism at the bottom to shift between stories. Remember, if you don’t see a picture of me trying to look tough in an Army helmet, there are more pieces to read.

One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received as a writer was that I “answered questions that the reader didn’t even realize needed to be asked.” I hope to have that effect on many more readers going forward. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet. Please come back regularly.





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3 thoughts on “Daily Recap: Random Sunday Edition

  1. Russia taught China? Nope. Don’t think so. China bought their way in. They look for high tech, cutting edge companies that are in desperate need for cash. They buy in with the proviso that someone of their choosing sits as a VP with full access to all. They siphon off intellectual property as it is developed thus becoming leaders in internet, developing architecture, AI etc. politicians are merely pawns they move around. The FBI knows about this. They look the other way.

    1. You’re correct in what you’re saying but it is also true that China has learned about web propaganda from the Russians. I know that for a fact.

  2. Another excellent piece Trey. Thank you.

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