Reckoning of the RINO


Ahh, the RINO.

We see them daily in their natural habitat, in fancy restaurants being wined and dined by the best lobbyists money can buy, often alongside their Democrat counterparts, practicing the legal bribery that constitutes the true ‘bipartisan spirit’ of Washington, DC. Many RINOs have spent the last 4 years in hibernation, utterly unable to assist a Republican president against the daily onslaught of the Swamp. After all, it is the swampers with whom RINOs most identify and align.

Over the course of the Trump presidency, RINOs had a choice of paths to take in order to weather the storm of the dreaded outsider coming in to make them—GASP—actually work for the American people. Some remained neutral and thus worthless in the defense of the president. Others quietly worked behind the scenes with the deep state bureaucracy to impede the Trump administration in any way possible, a`la John McCain. Some kissed Trump’s rear end just enough to get reelected while secretly working with the Swamp to put themselves in positions to ensure no swamp drainage could occur, like former Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham.

Then there were those who are so stricken by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they feel the need to impeach President Trump despite his newfound status as private citizen, all in the name of ‘principle,’ which in Latin means “Please God help this makes the liberals like me. Nothing else has worked!”

The immediate question for anyone interested in saving the Republic is how this will affect the GOP, seeing as how it is (theoretically) the only thing standing between the American people and the totalitarian rule of the new far-left Democrat party. If the early reactions are any indication, the answer is this intra-party war is bound to be a short one.


Exhibit A: Liz Cheney.

According to a poll taken shortly after her impeachment vote, 73% of Republican voters and 62% of all voters in Wyoming expressed an unfavorable view of the neocon Dick disciple. And that’s not even the worst news for Liz. Just 10% of Republican primary voters and 13% of general election voters said they would vote to reelect her. The survey of 500 likely voters, which was conducted Jan. 25-26 by Trump pollster John McLaughlin, also presents Cheney as profoundly weak in a Republican primary. She already trails 54% to 21% in a head-to-head matchup against one of her announced opponents, state Sen. Anthony Bouchard.

Don Jr. put it best:

Ouch. Now that’s gonna leave a mark. Not a shoot-your-hunting-buddy-in-the-face kind of mark, but a mark nonetheless.


Exhibit B: Ben Sasse.

Sen. Sasse was a NeverTrumper from the start, but seldom let his feelings be known while President Trump was actually in office, mostly because he knew he needed Trump’s endorsement in his reelection campaign, which he received and happily accepted like the weasel he is. Now, after the Capitol Hill “insurrection,” Sasse feels sasse-y once again, and has kicked his heels off to tell everyone exactly what he thinks of the big orange boogeyman.

And Sasse’s constituents are letting him know exactly what they think of him.

In a recent interview with Politico, Ryan Hamilton, the executive director of the Nebraska Republican Party, said the party has received eight separate resolutions to censure Sasse and has fielded thousands of phone calls, emails and other messages expressing frustration with Sasse since his vote last week to allow Trump’s impeachment trial to move forward. At the state party’s offices, Hamilton said, “Our phone has been blowing up.”

The Lincoln County GOP has already voted to censure Sasse, with similar resolutions passing in other counties, including Hitchcock, Scotts Bluff and Sarpy. Other countries are preparing to follow in short order. Unfortunately, Sasse is fresh off of reelection, which is likely the source of his hubris. He’s banking on his fecklessness and RINOcery to be forgotten over the next 6 years. Don’t be so sure, Ben. Elephants have better memories than RINOs.


Exhibit C: Peter Meijer

Rep. Meijer of Michigan, a new member, like 8 of the 10 who voted for impeachment in the House, has already seen his 2020 primary opponent file to run again. And this time, the result is expected to be very different. In fact, the only real battle will be which primary opponent reins supreme, as several are jumping at the chance to unseat Meijer in 2022.

Tom Norton, a Trump supporter, said he will challenge Rep. Meijer in the Republican primary in the Grand Rapids area. He finished third last August.

“When you sit there and you launch a campaign saying you’re going to defend the president, and one of your first votes to impeach the president without a real process, you destroy the trust with voters,” Norton told The Detroit News.

Norton has also raised at least $30,000 in the first couple days since his announcement. That may be chump change in the bigger picture of politics, but for a relative unknown coming from the pure grassroots, it signals public support that could grow exponentially within the next 2 years.

Rep. Meijer probably shouldn’t get too comfortable in his new DC crib.


Big Picture:

There is indeed a civil war within the GOP, no doubt about it. But it’s not a particularly close one. I am hesitant to call the Republican Party “the party of Trump” because no political movement should be about one man. What the bowtie pundits get wrong, though, is it’s never really been about one man. It’s about the People. It’s about having people on Capitol Hill who actually seek to serve as opposed to milking their seats for as much self-enrichment as possible. President Trump gained so much traction because he was the anti-politician. That’s why he got away with saying things that RINOs would never dare to try — because Trump represented the middle finger that those RINOs are too afraid to give.

Until the guys in expensive suits with fancy degrees figure that out, there will be a lot more censuring of RINOs by the people they purport to serve, and rightly so. The truth is it’s not really Donald Trump the Establishment hates, it’s the everyday Americans they consider to be little more than an annoyance during their ride on the DC gravy train. The working class aren’t as dumb as the suits think; we know whose backs the targets are really on. And that knowledge will ultimately be the difference in this war.






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1 thought on “Reckoning of the RINO

  1. All excellent points. You know who I want out of there but I don’t see it happening cause he always plays it safe and finds a new sugar daddy. I don’t forget…. most women don’t…
    I hope and pray the GOP is on the road to recovery. 🕊

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