Anti-White Extremists are Running the Country


“Systemic racism.”

That’s the term being used by the United States government and its corporate partners to indoctrinate millions of ill-informed Americans into believing all their problems are created by evil, shadowy white men who have rigged everything in favor of the white race, whatever that is. The irony is that in the process of their preaching the doctrine of Blame Whitey, they are instituting systemic racism at every turn.

Of course, they justify their overtly racist policies by espousing the ideology of Critical Race Theory, a race-based theory first popularized by Barack Obama’s favorite Harvard professor, Derrick Bell. CRT, as its known, now permeates every institution of American life, be it education, popular culture and now government policy. The main idea of CRT is that nonwhite people simply cannot be racist because they are oppressed by a system of white supremacy, and since they have no power to act on their bias, their discriminatory views cannot be considered racist. CRT is easily debunked, as I did in my last piece entitled Black Lives Don’t Matter to Black Fathers, wherein I explore the actual root cause of failure by the black community in America. It’s the same root cause of failure in any community regardless of race — fatherless homes and the breakdown of the family unit. The black community just happens to have more of it.

But it’s much easier to blame another race of people than to address one’s own failures. Hitler did it to great effect, blaming the “shifty Jews” and other shadowy figures for holding Germany back from greatness, rather than accepting that the country had put itself in an economic hole with the disaster that was World War One. This type of finger-pointing and scapegoating is nothing new. It’s the go-to opiate of mediocre people who are too cowardly to face problems honestly. Unfortunately, those misguided remedies to social ills have disastrous consequences, therefore we must address them honestly now lest we repeat the mistakes of the past. In this piece, we’ll examine the overt racism of the Biden administration in the hopes that Americans will stand up and call this administration what it is: racist.


The American Rescue Plan


Under the pretense of aiding “socially disadvantaged” farmers, restaurateurs and other business owners hurt by the pandemic, the Biden admin is coming to the rescue — so long as you aren’t White. Yes, you read that correctly. The bill explicitly excludes whites, while coming to the rescue of Blacks, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Asians, Hispanics and Pacific Islanders. Because, you know, all white people are rich and have plenty of resources to survive government-forced lockdowns.

Biden’s American Rescue Plan defines “socially disadvantaged” based on skin color. This is racism so blatant and overt that it would be considered the scandal of the century had any other race been excluded simply by virtue of who they are.

The one saving grace is the new law’s anti-white provisions are being challenged in court, and most legal experts expect the challenges to succeed. This is a pretty cut and dried case. The U.S. Constitution forbids discrimination based on race, period.

Betsy McCaughey of Townhall courageously detailed the plight of several White Americans who are being denied help they desperately need on the basis of their white skin:

One of the Midwestern farmers suing, Adam Faust, was born with spina bifida and has two prosthetic legs. He manages to milk 70 cows a day and grow 200 acres worth of feed crops. He’s in debt, but he doesn’t qualify for debt forgiveness under the American Rescue Plan because of his white skin.

Last month, a Texas farmer, who is the state’s agricultural commissioner, also sued. Like Faust, he argued that the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause guarantees him equal treatment regardless of his race.

That is a Texas cafe owner’s claim as well. Philip Greer’s cafe lost $100,000 during the shutdown. He applied to the Restaurant Revitalization Fund set up under the American Rescue Plan. The Fund offers restaurateurs up to $5 million to cover losses per location. But Greer is white. The law says for the first 21 days funds are disbursed, most white men have to go to the back of the line, behind women, veterans and “socially and economically disadvantaged” applicants.

Greer sued. On May 18, federal Judge Reed O’Connor determined that Greer is likely to succeed at trial. He ordered the Small Business Administration to halt its discriminatory practices and consider Greer’s application immediately. The judge pointed out the obvious, that the fund’s $29 billion would likely be distributed before Greer and other white male applicants made it to the front of the line.

Citing Supreme Court precedent, O’Connor cautioned against giving “government license to create a patchwork of racial preferences based on statistical generalizations.” Amen. 


The Justice for Black Farmers Act


Let’s hope and pray that the court puts the brakes on the racist parts of the American Rescue Plan, because the new, radical Democrat party has no plans to slow its direct march into Hitlerian race policy.

The Justice for Black Farmers Act, which is being pushed by CRT enthusiast Sen. Ralph Warnock of Georgia, purportedly “encourages a new generation of Black farmers.” I suppose it’s easy to be encouraged when the federal government spends $100 billion to favor a specific race of farmers who apparently can’t succeed on their own. 

The proposed legislation is insulting, racist and blatantly unconstitutional. And everyone on Capitol Hill knows it. But will anyone have the guts to call a spade a spade? Recent history suggests we shouldn’t hold our breath.


Indoctrinating Children to Hate White People


While the use of government power to explicitly discriminate based on race is heinous enough, the educational agenda of the Biden administration may be the most disgusting aspect of his presidency thus far. The Biden administration is using federal money to get states to inject radical racial theories into children’s history classes.

Stanley Kurtz recently described the push in National Review:

The woke revolution in the classroom is about to go federal…President Biden’s Department of Education has signaled its intent to impose the most radical forms of Critical Race Theory on America’s schools, very much including the 1619 Project and the so-called anti-racism of Ibram X. Kendi. (Kendi’s “anti-racism” — which advocates a massive and indefinite expansion of reverse discrimination — is more like neo-racism.)

Biden’s Department of Education has just released the text of a proposed new rule establishing priorities for grants in American History and Civics Education programs. That rule gives priority to grant “projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives.” The rule goes on to cite and praise the New York Times’ “landmark” 1619 Project, as well as the work of Critical Race Theorist Kendi, as leading examples of the sort of ideas the Biden administration wants to spread.

Simply put, the Biden administration is leveraging racist propaganda with federal funds, and they’re doing it based on the teachings of an extremely racist man, Ibram Kendi.

For those unfamiliar, Kendi advocates widescale discrimination against whites and Asians to “remedy” blacks’ underrepresentation. He espouses the CRT logic that if Blacks are underrepresented in any particular field or part of society, it simply must be due to White racism. And the only answer for Blacks is to respond with racism of their own. As previously noted, it’s an attractive concept because it allows people to scapegoat others for their own failures. Strangely, the success of Asian Americans is not factored into Kendi’s black supremacist ideology, despite the fact that they outperform White Americans in virtually every metric related to quality of life. I would also note that Kendi has nothing to say about Ivy League schools explicitly trying to decrease the number of Asian students accepted to their universities in the name of “diversity.”

The 1619 Project seeks to make slavery the soul of America. It argues that any prosperity that exists in America was built on the back of slaves, despite the hundreds of thousands of White soldiers who died to end slavery and the lack of any actual evidence that slavery itself was the economic engine that built America. It’s racist propaganda, pure and simple, and the Biden administration is pushing it on American children. Fortunately, this also has a very good chance of being defeated in court, as the sweeping racial discrimination Kendi advocates violates Supreme Court decisions such as Richmond v. J.A. Croson Co. (1989). But legal decisions are rendered by humans, who are susceptible to the social pressures of the day. We can only hope that the Constitution survives against the all out assault coming from the racist Woke mob.


Big Picture


Let’s face it. Although these disgusting policies are technically coming from the “Biden” administration, they are almost certainly the product of the far left wing in the White House that Biden is simply too feeble to control. The extreme wing of the Democrat party is at the wheel when it comes to domestic policy—and foreign policy for that matter—so there is little hope that the commonsensical Joe Biden of yesteryear will emerge to put an end to this madness. It’s up to us. We must call out racism wherever we see it, along with the absurd anti-White CRT ideology driving it.

Identity politics is nothing new, and no race is innocent of its use. But past wrongs do not necessitate current ones; they only exacerbate the problem. “Equity” is not a value of the Constitution. To paraphrase Rabbi David Wolpe: Grass cannot grow to equal height with seeds, sun and rain. That can only be achieved by a lawnmower.

To some, those blades may feel like justice. In reality, it’s the epitome of everything the civil rights movement stood against. It is ideological poison, planting seeds in the minds of minority children that they cannot succeed without institutional racism against Whites. The sad reality is no minority child can ever succeed with that mindset. But it keeps the money flowing to the grifting race-baiters who are ready and willing to offer these pathetic excuses to the wannabe Nazis who view everything through a racial lens.

Will America survive this onslaught? That’s up to us. And it starts with telling the truth.








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