The Boogeyman Who Was Real

George Soros.

The name evokes a visceral reaction from many on the American and European Right, while it’s more likely to garner eye-rolls from the Western Left; the former due to his many bad deeds throughout the free world, the latter because some refuse to believe any man can resemble the Soros caricature that is painted in online conspiracy corners.

To be fair to the Left, political boogeymen do tend to be a bit more benign in reality than their detractors would have us believe. They are human at the end of the day, after all. But in fairness to the truth, the Right is not off base in this particular instance. George Soros is not a good man. Indeed, he’s a very bad one, diabolical even. One would be hard-pressed to find another person who has sunk such a fortune into tearing society apart at the seams, be it for misguided ideological reasons or just deranged personal enjoyment.

Whatever his motives, the image of George Soros as a devious billionaire wreaking havoc across Western civilization is an entirely accurate one. Even a cursory search of his ‘philanthropic’ career produces troves of evidence to that end, and not just from partisan sources. Soros has been a busy man throughout his life and many of his deeds are well documented.

Now, he has begun a new chapter of chaos, this time on our city streets. No single person is more responsible for the current crime wave we’re seeing than George Soros, as will be demonstrated in this piece. George wanted to defund the police before it was cool, and he’ll continue his crusade to defund them long after it isn’t, as we’re beginning to see in polling that crosses party lines. Before we delve into his latest adventure, though, let’s quickly examine exactly to whom we’re referring.




Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest Hungary to self-hating Jewish parents. Soros himself has described his parents as “anti-Semitic Jews,” which may explain why he so easily collaborated with Nazis to confiscate Jewish property. In an interview with 60 Minutes, Soros said that he did not feel any remorse “about confiscating property from Jews as a teenager.”

He has gone on to compare Israel to Nazi Germany–ironic since he didn’t seem to have as much of a problem with the latter–and devoted much of his life and fortune to bringing down the Jewish state.

“I don’t deny the Jews their right to a national existence–but I don’t want to be part of it,” Soros said.

Unfortunately, the fall of Nazi Germany did not mark the end of Soros’ wicked deeds on this Earth. As he aged he merely graduated from petty state-sponsored theft into well-funded globalist propaganda campaigns, funding of anarchists groups and more sophisticated crimes like insider trading.

Soros was indeed convicted of insider trading in France in 2002, a court determining that he had “acted with the knowledge that the bank might be a takeover target,” according to Bloomberg. The court ordered Soros to pay 2.2 million euros, or $2.9 million, in restitution.

When he’s not doing white collar crime, Soros is literally running a large swath of the mainstream (read: liberal) media. He has direct ties to no fewer than 30 mainstream news outlets. Soros’s own Pro-Publica’s Journalism Advisory Board features the following journalists:

Jill Abramson – New executive editor of The New York Times;

–Kerry Smith – The senior vice president for editorial quality of ABC News;

–Cynthia A. Tucker – The editor of the editorial page of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.:

–Christiane Amanpour – Anchor of ABC’s Sunday morning political affairs program, ”This Week with Christiane Amanpour.” Chief International Correspondent for CNN

–Matt Thompson – Editorial product manager at National Public Radio (NPR) and an adjunct faculty member at the prominent Poynter Institute.

–Ben Sherwood – ABC News president and former ”Good Morning America” executive producer;

–Kathleen Hall Jamieson – Author and the Walter H. Annenberg Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication of the University of Pennsylvania;

–Michele Norris – Host of NPR’s newsmagazine ”All Things Considered,” public radio’s longest-running national program.

–Phil Bronstein, director of content development and editor-at-large for Hearst Newspapers;

–Len Downie, former Executive Editor of the Washington Post, now VP;

–George Osterkamp, CBS News producer.
I’ve searched far and wide for any comments from these esteemed journalists on what it’s like to work so closely with a convicted felon. Alas, no information is forthcoming.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Soros is a megadonor for the American Democrat Party — odd considering all the contempt shown over the past 4 years for ‘foreign influence’ in our political system. And influence it he absolutely does. Soros created a “Shadow Party” of leftist organizations that basically have control of the Democrat Party. According to Discover the Networks, the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law allowed for organizations called “527 committees,” defined as independent groups that could produce “issue-oriented ads, voter-education initiatives, get-out-the-vote drives, and other ‘party-building’ activities’” that moved the Democrat Party further to the left. Some of these organizations included and Center for American Progress.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “When did the Democrat party become full blown socialist?” — it was right about the time George Soros infused it with loads of dirty money. Soros also bankrolled the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. And like virtually all of Hillary’s wealthy donors, he got something in return. Investor’s Business Daily reports that Soros gave $9 million to pro-Clinton Super PACs and “was able to dictate State Department policy in Albania.” Soros also had dinner with Clinton’s vice-presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, presumably to place further orders.

Soros even had substantial ties to former Democrat Donald Trump. Soros funded the building of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago to the tune of $160 million. In fact, the two had a cozy relationship at one point. Then again, who wouldn’t have affection for someone financing one’s own building at that price. In 2011, Trump even told conservatives to “forget Soros, leave him alone, he’s got enough problems.”

As it would turn out, one of those problems would turn out to be Donald Trump. Soros committed himself to defeating Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, though he took a much more clever route in the 2016 contest. Soros propped up then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) in the primary, siphoning off votes from Sen. Ted Cruz and paving the way for Trump to win. It’s widely believed that Soros wanted Trump to be the nominee because it would mean an easy win for Clinton. Many people thought that, actually, including the Clinton campaign, who in internal emails called for a “pied piper” strategy to get Trump the nomination.

Talk about your all time backfires.



Engineering Civil War

Now that we’ve (partially) examined Soros’ footprint on the world stage in order to get a feel for who he is, let’s examine what he’s done more recently. While his impact is felt every day through his influence in the mainstream media, countless political groups and Democrat party, he has had a more direct impact over the past few years. A deadly one, in fact.

George Soros is no stranger to the so-called Black Lives Matter movement. Years before George Floyd mania overtook our country, Soros donated $33 million to ‘social justice organizations’ which helped turn events in Ferguson from a local protest into a national flashpoint.


The donations were revealed in tax filings from Soros’ Open Society Foundations and show that money was given to dozens of different groups which weighed in on the crisis both in media and on the ground.

Organizers from professional groups in Washington, D.C., and New York were bussed into the Missouri town to coordinate messaging and lobby to news media to cover events using the billionaire’s funding.

The cash was reportedly funneled into keeping up numbers of protesters in the community over a period of months by bringing in outside activists, something that was widely reported by actual Ferguson residents at the time, as no one local knew any of the people in the streets causing trouble.

Meanwhile papers from think tanks were disseminated to bring in extra coverage of the civil unrest, also linked to the police killings of Eric Garner in Staten Island and Tamir Rice, 12, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Outlets which covered the research, and the movements themselves, included one, Colorlines, which Soros himself has funded.

The slew of organizations reportedly created their own online ‘echo chamber’, by using their extensive social media presences to ‘like’, repost and comment on articles putting across their point of view.

The director of Soros’s fund said that they have no direct control over the groups they give to, and said they are all trying to improve accountability.

How convenient that Soros and his cohorts had no idea about the deeds of those to whom he gave tens of millions of dollars. I’m sure they’ve really put their foot down on accountability.

One recipient of his funding was the Organization for Black Struggle, which in turned established a group called the Hands Up Coalition. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because they’re the group that helped make ubiquitous the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ slogan.

Yes, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” became a household slogan largely due to propaganda directly funded by George Soros. The sad part is, that narrative is still believed by many Americans to this day despite Barack Obama’s own justice department finding it to be a complete lie.




I must give it to George. He’s a worthy enemy. His tactic of giving large sums of money to “democratic” and “social justice” groups so that they may turn around and use it for undemocratic and socially unjust purposes is pretty ingenious. He can merely say he gave to what he thought was a good cause, all while sitting back and enjoying the destruction he’s wrought. Plausible deniability.

But after Ferguson, Soros got even smarter.

Somewhere along the way, he learned that it’s far more effective to infiltrate the system than to fight it in the street, although he still does both in ample

measure. It’s this infiltration of our political system, though, that has caused many of our cities to become borderline or wholly uninhabitable.

Soros has bankrolled the successful campaigns of a new crop of district attorneys who now preside over big cities with skyrocketing crime and frayed relationships with police departments. And those strained relationships and their accompanying crime surges are no accident.

Soros-backed DAs in Philadelphia, St. Louis, San Francisco and other cities have fired scores of experienced prosecutors and, as promised, stopped prosecuting low-level quality-of-life crimes such as disorderly conduct, vagrancy and loitering. Anyone familiar with ‘Broken Windows’ theory of policing knows this to be a recipe for disaster. Simply put, a failure to prosecute low-level crime, e.g. broken windows, leads to more brazen criminal acts. Soon, the criminals are running the city thanks to a defensive posture on behalf of the police and everyone is miserable as a result.

Can’t defund the police? Simple: just refuse to prosecute criminals. It’s a different route to the same lawless outcome. And Soros knows it.

St. Louis has seen violent crime rise 8.8% since 2006. In terms of violent crimes per 100,000 residents, it has surpassed Detroit as America’s most violent city. This doesn’t seem to bother Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner. Thus it should come as no surprise that the city has suffered the lion’s share of its crime surge since the Soros-backed prosecutor took office.

You may remember Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who brandished guns against trespassing ‘protesters’ outside their home. If you’ve ever wondered how the McCloskeys were the only ones charged in that incident, now you know. The BLM thugs who tore down a fence to menace their property did so with the full knowledge that their Soros-basked D.A. would look the other way.

The far left, soft-on-crime Gardner campaign in 2016 received more than $190,000 from PACs to which Soros is the sole or principal contributor. His PACs continued to pour at least $116,000 into her re-election last year.

Unsurprisingly, Ms. Gardner cruised to reelection last November in the heavily Democrat city.

Homicides in Philadelphia, which fell below 300 annually for four consecutive years through 2016, have again shot up, rising by 34% in 2020.

District Attorney Larry Krasner won the office in 2017 running on his background as a defense attorney and litigant against the police department. In that campaign, Soros’ Pennsylvania Justice and Public Safety PAC spent $1.7 million supporting Mr. Krasner’s bid, a figure which startled a state’s political class that had never seen such sums spent in a district attorney race. Perhaps all those who couldn’t understand why so much money would be poured into such a seemingly small race now understand the larger game at play. The real question is whether they actually care, at least enough to buck their own destructive party. Don’t bet on it.

After being elected in 2017, Krasner created the Immigration Counsel in his District Attorney’s office, hiring former immigration attorney Caleb Arnold to lead the initiative. The goal of the initiative is to reduce “immigration consequences” for defendants.

As a result, Arnold consulted on about 300 cases where the defendant was a foreign national. In about 120 of those cases, the outcomes were changed to plea agreements.

Many of the defendants Arnold consulted with to help them avoid deportation had been charged with murder, rape, forcible rape, rape of a child, sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, attempted murder, drunk driving, robbery, and other crimes.

Krasner’s Immigration Counsel was paid nearly $234,000 between January 2018 and November 2020 and Arnold remains the sole employee of the initiative.


That brings us to one of the main jewels of the Soros crown: San Francisco. The city by the bay has seen its murder rate increase by 31% in the last 2 years. Car theft, burglary and arson also have risen between 30% and 44%, according to police reports.

There is now also an app to help pedestrians navigate piles of feces on the streets of San Francisco. Yes, residents need a phone app to dodge human droppings when leaving home.

Chesa Boudin, the new San Francisco district attorney and a former translator for late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, is the son of Weather Underground radicals who were convicted of murder for their role in the killing of three people during the 1981 robbery of a Brink’s armored car.

With his parents behind bars, Mr. Boudin was raised by former Weather Underground members Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. You know, the same people who lent their home to Barack Obama to announce his foray into politics.

While Mr. Boudin did not receive money directly from one of Soros’ multiple state PACs, a network of left-wing donors connected to Soros helped Boudin raise more than $620,000. Just as with Ferguson, Soros put out the money and didn’t ask where it went. It just magically ended up serving his lawless ends.

The donor web included Chloe Cockburn, who is with Soros’ Democracy Alliance, along with the Tides Foundation and Brennan Center for Justice, both of which have Soros as a deep-pocketed contributor.

Running on platforms that accused the criminal justice system of being inherently racist, these prosecutors vowed to either eliminate or sharply reduce enforcement of drug and minor-property offenses, and eliminating or slashing bail. You may have seen a viral video or two of shoplifters in San Francisco walking into various stores, loading up their bags with goodies and then strolling out the exit without a care in the world. That’s because they know the local D.A. won’t prosecute anything less than $1000. Needless to say, stores are leaving the area in droves.


A common theme in the Soros-funded D.A. campaigns is the portrayal of police as agents of a racist system that disproportionately imprisons blacks and other minorities. It’s no coincidence that this is the same narrative that Soros has been funding within media since at least 2015.

As previously noted, many of the very talking points used by Black Lives Matter were directly bought and paid for by Soros, be it through propaganda echo chambers he funded online or through the mainstream media that is so awash in Soros money that they dare not cut the puppet strings that lead to his hands.

It’s a rather simple–albeit effective–formula:

Create the narrative of an unjust society.
Fund candidates who promise to fix the problems laid out in said narrative.
Fund district attorneys whose ‘solutions’ only cause chaos, destruction and heartache until the system itself is ready to implode.

It is not hyperbole to say that George Soros wishes for the outright destruction of America. He’s been fairly straightforward about this fact for the entirety of his adult life.

Soros wants no police, no borders, no national identity and, ultimately, no hope. Only then will his Marxist daydreams come to fruition and, sadly, we are seeing them do exactly that.

Of course, it’s easy to lay all the blame at one man’s feet, although he very much deserves it. The more difficult question is what it will take to get the people in these urban areas to say enough is enough. These district attorneys aren’t bleeding heart liberals. To the contrary, they’re completely heartless ideologues who are happy to see the very people they purport to care about suffer dearly for their experiment in lawlessness.

Myriad polling shows that crime has become a top issue for people on both sides of the aisle. Additionally, over 80% of minority communities say they want either the same level or more police. Virtually no one wants to see the police defunded altogether, except for the far left politicians who are either on the Soros payroll or wish to be.

I wish I had an easy answer to give, but I’d like to think it starts with education. Tell your fellow Americans what is happening. When someone calls you a crazy conspiracy theorist for mentioning the impact of George Soros in the daily lives of Americans, send them this piece or the hundreds of others that detail much of the same information. Perhaps many have just given up and accepted our current state of affairs as the ‘new normal.’ It doesn’t have to be that way. We know what is happening. Let’s make sure everyone else does, too.




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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of this detailed information. I know Soros is an evil evil man who openly prides himself for destroying countries. How do I share this info? I just do not have money to donate. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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