Don’t Fall for the Facebook “Whistleblower”

Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen has received a lot of attention lately, most notably last night on 60 Minutes. She raised a lot of legitimate concerns with Facebook, though hardly groundbreaking or revelatory. In many ways, Haugen reminded us of what we already knew; namely that Facebook exists to maximize its own profits above everything.

Unfortunately, this ‘whistleblowing’ session was not offered in good faith. Rather, it was a call for censorship cloaked in faux concern for children and other universally impactful statements. In this piece, we’ll examine the issues on which most everyone can agree, along with those being used as a trojan horse for the Left to control Facebook more than they already do.


Yes, Facebook is bad. But that wasn’t her point.


Let’s get one thing straight — I am not here to defend Facebook. Far from it. It is objectively harmful to both society and the individual. Furthermore, Facebook is fully aware of this. They know about the studies that have been conducted. They know the type of polarization they facilitate. But like Big Tobacco, they either hide the inconvenient info, pretend it’s not there, or both. Facebook execs won’t allow their own children to be on the platform but they’re more than happy to promote it to yours. Much like cigarettes were secretly engineered to deliver maximum nicotine to the user, Facebook is designed to elicit dopamine releases with every notification. It’s an addiction, and one to which I am not immune. Chances are, you aren’t either.

Much of Haugen’s remarks to 60 Minutes dealt with the algorithms used by Facebook to regulate its traffic. These algorithms are not geared toward any kind of civil or informative debate, or anything good really. They are geared toward engagement, meaning whatever grabs your attention and keeps you on the platform to be exposed to advertisers is what the algorithm will push on you. And yes, it’s highly effective.

For the full year of 2020 Facebook reported that the lion’s share of its revenue came from advertising. It reported full year ad revenue of $84,169m – up 21% on the previous year. Much of that was generated by the myriad food fights for which Facebook has become known.

However, it’s telling that Haugen did not bring this up as a concern about the discourse generally, but rather as a talking point to bolster the “irresponsible handling of disinformation” narrative. And that should come as no surprise given Haugen’s (former) job.

Haugen was employed at Facebook from 2019 on its misinformation team. For those unfamiliar, the “misinformation team” is the group hired by Zuckerberg to ensure that Facebook didn’t allow a repeat of the 2016 election, which is code for “don’t allow information unless it’s approved by the political-media complex.” Were you angry when completely legitimate information about Hunter Biden was banned from Facebook under the guise of “monitoring misinformation”? You should have been. It was the most egregious abuse of informational power in modern history, and scientifically sound studies show that it made a real difference in the election. And why wouldn’t it? Facebook has a massive informational footprint. They make a difference with their handling of information. Frances Haugen was where the rubber met the road in that censorship operation. She wrote the code. She enforced the censorship. She decided what constituted harmful information. And now, she’s your “whistleblower.” But not to apologize — to argue that she wasn’t allowed to go far enough.

Haugen stated that the company is aware of and capable of doing more to curb ‘disinformation’ on its platforms, but chooses not to do so in service of engagement and advertising revenue.

She said: “Facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer, people will spend less time on the site, they’ll click on less ads, and [Facebook] will make less money.”

The one thing saving any semblance of free expression on Facebook is profit motive, so naturally it’s the biggest target of this leftist authoritarian.


The ‘Whistleblower’ reveals her true colors.


Since Haugen is so concerned with violence and radicalization emanating from Facebook, surely she discussed the nationwide riots of 2020 and the Facebook groups where participants organized them. Except she didn’t. Instead, she focused on the January 6 “insurrection,” in which grandmas roamed the halls of Congress and some guy put his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. In Haugen’s howling wilderness of a mind, she believes it was the information accessible on Facebook that made the “insurrection” possible.

Haugen cites the temporary safety measures Facebook took during the latest US election as evidence that it simply chooses not to prioritize user safety, claiming that through its inaction and lack of consideration around safety concerns, Facebook helped fuel the violence.

She said: “There were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook. Facebook over and over again chose to optimize for its own interests, like making more money.”

If Haugen had her way, Facebook would have blocked any talk of funny business in the 2020 election lest it result in violence. This same logic would also be used to block any dissension regarding vaccines or, well, anything deemed a threat to the Establishment.

Haugen said: “It’s one of these unfortunate consequences, right? No one at Facebook is malevolent, but the incentives are misaligned, right? Like, Facebook makes more money when you consume more content. People enjoy engaging with things that elicit an emotional reaction. And the more anger that they get exposed to, the more they interact and the more they consume.”

Hear that? The people protesting at the Capitol weren’t concerned with election integrity. They were merely hopped up on their Facebook feed and acting out. In Haugen’s world, the unwashed masses have no personal agency whatsoever, but are mere suckers waiting to be put into action by whatever information Facebook allows.


“We warned them about the Nazis!”


Haugen says that many Facebook employees internally had warned of the issues prior to the Capitol Hill riots and were ignored. This tracks with a number of the revelations from earlier reports in The WSJ, which made Facebook’s ongoing knowledge of its issues the central tenet of its argument.

On one internal message board – copied by Haugen – one employee notes that Facebook’s leadership had been watering down responses to the bigger issues: “Welcome to Facebook! I see you just joined in November 2020 … we have been watching … wishy-washy actions of company leadership for years now.”

Haugen is merely whining that she and her left-wing authoritarian friends have been bugging Facebook for a long time without seeing the censorious outcome they desire. It wasn’t enough that Zuckerberg put together a team of computer nerds to seek out and destroy any undesirable information for Joe Biden during a presidential campaign, of which she was a proud part. She and her cohorts are demanding they go all the way. If you’re a right-winger, you are a danger to society and should be silenced. Period.


Haugen is halfway to the Establishment’s ultimate goal.


Facebook has been accused of effectively being beyond the regulation of any one country, given its size and international reach. There is a legitimate discussion to be had about that. If one wants to argue that Facebook is too powerful, they’ll get no argument from me. In fact there are several tech giants that warrant examination, as information is too precious and important of a commodity to be in the hands of only a few. When that happens, elections are swayed by the biases of those who hold vast informational reach. That’s bad for our republic. Moreover, it’s bad for truth itself.

But while the informational power of companies like Facebook is problematic enough in itself, the idea of Facebook teaming up with government to censor citizens is a thousand times worse. In fact, those authoritarian mods at Facebook want nothing more than the federal government to step in and grant them broad censorial powers. If Zuckerberg loves money more than censorship, then by God, they’ll go over the boss’s head and use the big stick of Congress. This is the wet dream of every leftist online who wants to shut you up. And Frances Haugen just took a big step toward making it happen.

Haugen claims that Facebook’s lack of any oversight and its apparent inaction on a number of major issues is pushing countries – particularly in Europe – into more extreme measures in dealing with the social network. Not coincidentally, she is set to testify before a Senate Commerce subcommittee tomorrow and to the Joint Committee on the Online Safety Bill in the UK later this month.

At the Senate tomorrow, Sen. Amy Klobuchar will ask Haugen how “harmful and divisive” content can be reined in on Facebook, all under the guise of “protecting children.” You know, the same children for whom they support chemical castration. But don’t expect any 8-year-old undergoing hormone therapy to be considered “harmful or divisive.” Nope, for Klobuchar and Haugen, the real danger is conservatives expressing concern about mass mail-in voting.


Big Picture


When the phrase “Facebook whistleblower” is uttered, I and many others reflexively celebrate. After all, what could be better than someone on the inside taking out Facebook?

But make no mistake, if you’re someone who is constantly harassed by Facebook for posting unapproved information, Frances Haugen is not your friend. In fact, there’s a decent chance she designed the harassment mechanism making you miserable.

Haugen makes statements that are self-evidently true. Facebook IS tearing apart society. It DOES place profit over public safety. It IS a glorified dopamine dealer. But Haugen’s concern is not one of general welfare. It boils down to one simple goal: eradicating any real dissent by labeling anti-Establishment, anti-official narrative information as “misinformation” or “dangerous.”

At no point has Haugen discussed the danger of social media giants controlling what narratives are allowed to flourish during election season. At no point does she acknowledge that she actively worked to censor accurate information with the aim of protecting a particular presidential candidate. She has yet to ponder how much that censorship “fueled the anger” of those protesting on Capitol Hill January 6th.

In Haugen’s eyes, Facebook is not the problem. YOU are. And Facebook is not doing enough to rein you in.

That is not a whistleblower. It’s a trojan horse of authoritarianism. Don’t fall for it.




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If you feel I’ve earned it, I appreciate any donations you would like to give. If having issues with PayPal, I recommend using the following link: My Venmo is: @Trey-Vaught and my CashApp is: $DeweyVaught. If you would like to give more than $1.00 below, simply change the number in the donation box. Thank you for your generosity.


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