Doubling Down With The Deep State


Sometimes the Deep State and their partners in the corporate media flat out insult our intelligence. It’s often hard to tell whether the insult is intentional or they’re just that dumb. Then there are the times when the doubling down in the face of reality is so brazen that is reeks of arrogance and an aura of untouchability.

Christopher Steele, in order to say what he’s recently said regarding his “Russia investigation,” must believe the latter. He simply must see himself as a partner of the Swamp and thus immune to any semblance of justice.

And the saddest part — he’s probably right.

Steele, the former British spy behind the largely debunked dossier on President Trump, went so far as to say he believes the infamous “pee tape” of Trump does indeed exist.

In an interview with ABC News, he speculated that Russia may have kept the tape hidden because Trump offered them “pretty good value” during his time in office.

Steele is most famous for making the wholly unsubstantiated allegation in the infamous 35-page dossier, a Clinton-funded propaganda piece compiled during the 2016 presidential election that claims Russian authorities had covertly filmed Trump watching prostitutes pee on a bed in a Moscow hotel room in 2013.

“I think it probably does [exist],” Steele told little person and former Clinton Foundation member George Stephanopoulos in an excerpt of the upcoming documentary “Out of the Shadows: The Man Behind the Steele Dossier.”

Stephanopoulos, to his credit, asked Steele a rather obvious question regarding the mythical pee tape: Why would Russia not use such leverage against our president? Steele, counting on the ignorance of those who support him, replied: “Because I think it hasn’t needed to be released because I think the Russians felt they’d got pretty good value out of Donald Trump when he was president of the US.”

There is, of course, no evidence to support the existence of the tape. What’s more, the notion that Russia got everything they wanted out of President Trump is equally absurd.

One would think that a spook of Steele’s stature would know more about the target of his collection. The fact is, President Trump was harder on Vladimir Putin than any other president who has faced him. He is certainly tougher than Joe Biden, who shut down our own pipeline and oil production while allowing Putin to establish a very lucrative pipeline to Europe; one that will give them very strong leverage against the EU for whom the NeverTrump contingent purports to care so deeply.

Surely Christopher Steele is aware that Trump bombed Syria, Russia’s main client, and unleashed the U.S. military in Syria, including against Russians. In fact we killed a few. I wouldn’t assume that to be a BFF moment.

Or how about his arming of Ukraine, something the Obama administration did not do effectively. You may remember Ukraine as the country that the Left pretended to care about for 2 months as they tried to impeach President Trump. It turns out the Trump administration cared about Ukraine even before it was cool.

And the weakening and ultimate abolishing of the Iran nuclear deal? That screwed up a good business relationship between Putin and the mullahs. How about the browbeating of NATO allies to increase defense spending? Seeing as how Putin’s (supposed) primary enemy is NATO, one would think a crusade to increase funding for Putin’s arch enemy wouldn’t exactly be considered a pro-Russian agenda.

There’s the approval of $130 billion in new defense spending; the addition of low-yield nukes to the U.S. arsenal; the research and development on a new missile after Russia deployed a missile that did not comply with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty; the closing of Russia’s consulate in San Francisco; and last but certainly not least, the uptick in domestic oil and gas, making the U.S. effectively energy independent. Something the Biden administration has already managed to reverse, much to the detriment of the average working American.

Steele is either a shameless liar or the most ignorant spook to ever blow his cover on national television. Though neither would surprise me, I assume conscious and intentional lying, seeing as he has few options other than doubling down on his insane claims.


The Dossier is Documented as False


Steele’s claims about Putin sitting on blackmail material as a reward for Trump’s loyalty are self-evidently absurd, although we have laid out in detail what makes them demonstrably false. But the evidence against the dossier is not limited to simple logical arguments.

The Mueller investigation, which was conducted by rabid anti-Trump leftist prosecutors, did everything they could to demonstrate a link between Trump and the Kremlin. Tens of millions of dollars and thousands of man hours could not establish such a link. In fact, as the investigation proceeded, prosecutors became more involved in looking for ways to cover up the malpractice of the counterintelligence team trying to entrap the president’s campaign than actually looking for facts.

As for those facts, let’s reel off just a few.

Steele and his handlers at the Clinton-funded smear firm Fusion GPS pushed the narrative that a secret, dedicated computer server existed between Trump Tower and Alfa Bank in Moscow. It is Russia’s largest commercial bank, run by oligarchs close to Putin. Both Slate news website and The New Yorker gave credence to cyberdata interpretations pushed by Steele and co.

The Mueller report contains no evidence of such a server. Furthermore, Petr Aven, who runs the bank, tried to make contact with the Trump transition team after meeting with Putin. The report section on Mr. Aven doesn’t mention a computer server.

BuzzFeed circulated a Fusion/Steele talking point that President Trump explicitly ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the timeline of the aborted Moscow hotel deal. Old Man Mueller shot down the report. The Mueller report quotes Cohen as saying the president told him to cooperate with lawmakers. These statements were given under oath.

The Republican National Convention platform was changed to weaken language on giving military aid to Ukraine, which had been invaded by Russia. (Trump people say the plank was strengthened, not weakened, via a compromise.) Democrats took that Fusion talking point and accused the Trump campaign of allowing Russia to dictate its platform. The Mueller report said there was no Russian involvement in the drafting of the plank.

Steele still claims the Michael Cohen trip to Prague, a key “collusion” moment, happened. Yet Cohen has always denied it, before and after turning against Trump, and has evidence he was elsewhere on the key dates. Moreover, the Mueller investigation confirmed it didn’t happen; there’s never been a shred of evidence it did.

Yet Steele says he’s “yet to be convinced” he’s wrong. Something tells me he never will.


Big Picture


The fact is the Steele dossier is a flaming pile of garbage. The Mueller team’s own review of Steele’s primary sources shows they were passing along (at best) gossip. That includes the infamous “pee tape” claim; Steele’s source says his own source may well have been joking. Steele, on the basis of literally nothing, says it “probably” exists.

But let’s not forget who the true villain is here. Steele didn’t get out of bed and conduct this disinformation campaign on his own. He was hired by the Beltway smear merchants of Fusion GPS, who were in turn paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign through the DC law firm Perkins Coie, in pursuit of the campaign’s since-revealed drive to gin up Trump scandals to distract from Hillary’s e-mail disaster.

The Clinton Machine hired a washed up spook to conduct a disinformation campaign against Donald Trump. That’s the truth, although for some reason no one will say it. Steele had worked with the FBI before and was able to use his name within the intelligence community to lend credence to his claims. Steele, believe it or not, has done legitimate intel collection in his career. But this was far from legitimate, and he knew it. Unfortunately, he loved money as much as he hated Trump, thus his integrity was easy to compromise.

Speaking of compromised integrity, the FBI were no victims in this. Anyone who has analyzed intelligence more than a day knew there were red flags surrounding this so-called dossier. Yet they used it to get FISA warrants on innocent Americans, for no other reason than they worked for an anti-establishment campaign. I could–and have–written dozens of articles and thousands of words detailing the corruption of the FBI in using an unverified piece of garbage to conduct illegal surveillance.

So that brings us to an interesting question — why is Steele publicly defending what the Mueller team couldn’t even defend? Why, with the facts so well established at this point, would Steele, who is not a stupid man, put himself out there to have his claims so easily dissected, debunked and mocked?

It appears to me that Steele seeks to benefit from plausible deniability as it pertains to the entire Trump operation. With an ongoing investigation by John Durham and several indictments already handed out, Steele benefits greatly from portraying himself as a true believer of the intelligence he pushed. That way, there is no clear criminal intent on his part.

I’m of course aware that Steele is a British citizen, thus making prosecution pretty difficult. Britain certainly isn’t going to stand back and see one of their own brought to justice for something he did to the boogeyman Donald Trump. And if we’re being honest, no one should expect justice for any of the Americans involved, either. It would have happened by now.

But at the very least, I get the feeling that Steele has become aware of something for which we’ve yet to become privy; an exposition of the dirty deeds by Steele’s counterintelligence friends in the FBI and possibly (likely) CIA. This scandal goes far beyond a gossip dossier, after all. There were efforts to entrap Trump campaign members by known assets of our intel community. Professors, diplomats — all types of folks who just happened to run into various Trump campaign advisors overseas and who just happen to have close ties to the CIA and FBI. There is a such thing as coincidences — this isn’t one.

Steele has chosen to play ignorant as the public becomes more educated. Handcuffs will likely be elusive; let’s hope an accurate historical record is not.






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  1. Re: Michael Cohen and Prague. I read an article soon after the dossier came out in The Atlantic, of all rags. The reporter did straight journalism and interviewed people who knew Michael Cohen’s whereabouts on that fateful day he was supposed to be in Prague. Mr Cohen was right here in LA on that day taking his son, who was a gifted baseball player, to USC on a recruiting visit.
    I have searched in databases all around the world to find this article in vain. It has disappeared without a trace. If I ever do find it, I’ll post it here.

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