Man-Made Disaster at the Border


According to The Wall Street Journal, the departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services could end up paying out close to $1 million per immigrant family that was separated at the border. Around $450,000 a person is reportedly being considered, but that figure could change depending on each family’s circumstances. 

This patently insane proposal began with lawyers representing immigrant families sued the federal government and the government’s own lawyers. Some government lawyers apparently viewed the payout amounts as excessive, which led to the ongoing dispute.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which purports to defend civil liberties but in practice is little more than the woke police, is representing multiple families in a lawsuit over the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy. They have played a big part in spurring action from the Biden administration, including a a statement urging the incoming Biden administration to act quickly on the issue back in January. 

“The incoming administration must reunite the separated families in the United States, but we cannot stop there. These families deserve citizenship, resources, care, and a commitment that family separation will never happen again.” 

In response, the Biden administration created the Interagency Task Force on the Reunification of Families, and its latest progress report, released in September, confirmed it had reunified 50 children separated from their parents and provided access to behavioral health services. Another 2,171 children have been reunified through a court order and from the efforts of nongovernmental organizations. However, the same report confirmed 1,727 children have not yet been reunified with their families, accounting for 33 percent of all those identified as separated from their parents by the Homeland Security Department under the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy. 

And for those remaining illegals, the only answer appears to be a money shower.


What They’re Not Telling You


The media love to push the narrative of the Establishment, and the eternal quest for open borders is no exception. Indeed, propaganda about the border has been omnipresent since before President Trump took office, though it certainly accelerated once Trump was elected and tried to secure the country.

It’s easy propaganda to push. After all, whose heart isn’t touched by the thought of “kids being ripped from their mothers’ arms,” as the media and their partners on Capitol Hill are so fond of saying. No decent person wants to see families separated, certainly not conservatives who value the family unit more than anything (definitely more than any leftist ever has). It tugs at the heart strings and appeals to our sense of decency.

But the issue isn’t that simple.

Contrary to what the press would have you believe, Donald Trump did not send big evil men to the border to “rip kids out of arms” for their own sick pleasure. Family separation was part of a larger ‘zero tolerance’ strategy meant to get control of a chaotic border, which actually lessens the suffering of people caught up in the massive illegal immigration business. And yes, it is a business. A big one.

A primary aspect of that business in human trafficking. And a big part of human trafficking–at least when there is no zero tolerance policy at the border–is bringing kids to use as a get-into-the-country-free card. The zero tolerance policy disallowed smugglers and other unsavory characters from using children to claim asylum, many of those children not having any relation to their smugglers.

The fact is, when illegals show up at the border with kids, there is often no way of knowing whether those children belong to the adults in their party without further investigation. And kids often will not talk to authorities in the presence of their kidnappers due to fear.

Several years ago, the Washington Times reported one such situation:

They are known simply as Victim A and Victim B in court documents.

Both are girls. One was about 16 and the other about 10 when they were smuggled early last year from Guatemala to the U.S. Government authorities said a man and a woman used the girls to pretend to be families.

For the adults, that subterfuge earned them a pass into the U.S. For the girls, it meant abuse.

The younger girl was ordered to sweep the floors and feed and change a newborn. She was beaten with a belt and a phone charging cord when she didn’t obey. The older girl told police that she was forced to work as a roofer and then in a factory, becoming the sole provider while the fake “parents” took it easy.

The man who posed as her father, Santos Ac-Salazar, has pleaded guilty in an Illinois court to a child abuse charge. His partner, Olga Choc-Laj, is slated to go on trial soon in Kane County. They also face federal forced-labor charges.


This is but one example of what is sure to be many.

Here is another story reported by the Times that deals with outright buying and selling of children:

Another group included children like Victim A and Victim B, who ended up separated from parents — sometimes borrowed, sometimes outright sold, to Central Americans headed north who needed them to portray themselves as a family.

According to Homeland Security records, there were at least 432 fake families during a five-month period last year. Those were just the ones detected at the border. The Illinois case was missed and discovered only after a neighbor in Chicago reported the abuse.


According to court documents, Victim A, decided to come to the U.S. and contacted a smuggler in Guatemala, who connected her with Ms. Choc-Laj. They arrived at the U.S. border in February 2019, along with more than 36,000 other adults and children that month who claimed to be families.

They used bogus identities and were processed and released from custody after being given a notice to appear, the official summons for deportation proceedings. To migrants, the NTA is also known as a “permiso,” or “free pass.”

They ended up in Florida, where Ms. Choc-Laj put Victim A to work as a roofer and took all the teen’s earnings, saying the money was needed to pay the smuggler.

The girl said she asked to go to school, but Ms. Choc-Laj told her she had to work. The youth was too scared of the woman to cross her. She was let go from the roofer’s job after a few weeks when the business said she was too young to work. The court documents did not mention whether the business was concerned about her legal status, but history suggests they probably were not.

She and Ms. Choc-Laj then went to Aurora, Illinois, and Ac-Salazar joined them in May 2019 with Victim B. They all moved into a home, where the younger girl was put to work cleaning, doing laundry and cooking.

According to court documents, the two adults beat the younger girl with a belt and a cellphone charging cord when they deemed her work unsatisfactory.

When Ms. Choc-Laj gave birth to a boy in October, the two girls were told to feed him and change his diapers. The adults didn’t help. Both stopped working and forced the older girl to be the breadwinner for all of them at $360 a week.

The teen said she asked to leave but was told she had to stay until she paid off the smuggling fees for herself and the adults. They kept her in line by threatening to report her to the police for being an illegal immigrant, and they refused to give her a cellphone or internet access. They even blocked her from calling her family in Guatemala.

A woman who baby-sat for the family, another illegal immigrant, reported the abuse of the younger girl. That was when Aurora police swooped in.

Because the case showed signs of human trafficking, they contacted ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations.

During an interview with ICE, Choc-Laj admitted she was placed with the teen girl so they could show up at the border together, portray themselves as a family and get a quick release.

Ac-Salazar, in his ICE interview, denied using the 11-year-old for smuggling purposes and insisted he had adopted her. The ICE agent who wrote the federal complaint noted that the birth certificate Ac-Salazar used didn’t mention any adoption and was dated April 30, 2019 — 10 days before they jumped the border.

The 400+ fake families reported by the Times are merely the ones we were able to catch. And this problem is the predictable result of our own policies.

Children who show up at the U.S. without parents are known in government-speak as unaccompanied alien children, or UACs. Under the confusing logic of U.S. law, UACs from Mexico can be quickly deported. If they are from Central America or farther afield, they are admitted and the government tries to find homes for them in the U.S.

A federal judge in 2015 ruled that the same policy should apply to children who show up with parents. She ordered release within about 20 days — not enough time to finish their immigration hearings.

Thus was born the “family loophole,” which sparked a surge of hundreds of thousands of adults and children at the border post-ruling.

Smugglers and parents in Central America quickly figured out that bringing a child meant quick release and a chance to disappear. Some children still come alone.


Big Picture


We do not live in a magical utopia in which problems at the border are fixed with heartwarming platitudes and carebear stickers. In order to combat problems like human trafficking and illegal immigration generally, people must be stopped. Some of them need to be arrested (all of them, really, but some more than others). That process often involves children.

When American parents go to jail, they are not allowed to take their families with them. There is no rational reason why arrests at the border should be any different. Groups of people who show up at our border unannounced and uninvited should at the very least be investigated, if for no other reason than we are a sane country who cares to know who is sneaking into our country and why.

Neither the Biden administration nor their propagandists in the media will tell you the real story of the border. The real story is that for every sob story about a harmless family being separated, another fake family has been stopped from exploiting children along with our immigration and asylum system. Strong borders save lives. Strong borders save children. Innocent children suffer far more from chaotic, open borders than they ever will from strong border enforcement.

The data presented by our very own government shows the effect of the Trump administration policies. Crossings have skyrocketed under Biden. Does that protect children? Is it more humane to allow smugglers and traffickers to have myriad loopholes to do their disgraceful deeds? How can one claim to care about the welfare of children and families while facilitating an open border that manifestly puts a greater number of children and families at risk?

These are rhetorical questions, of course. The truth is that it’s not about protecting children and never has been. It’s about changing demographics in our country to benefit a political establishment that seeks permanent and unquestioned power. And the cheap labor is enough to get the Chamber of Commerce on board.

The ruling class does not want a humane border. If they did, they would secure it. They want power, and they’re getting it on the backs of the victims they claim to represent.






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Future surge

The two girls in the case appear to have won temporary victim visas to keep them in the U.S. while the cases are proceeding.

It’s impossible to say how many more cases like the two girls are out there, undetected.

ICE, using DNA testing, managed to flag 432 fake families at the border from July through November last year, at the tail end of the migrant surge. That was about a quarter of all cases in Operation Double Helix, the voluntary DNA pilot program.

“It’s bad enough that perhaps tens of thousands people have been released into the United States in recent years on the basis of a fraudulent relationship with a child, but it’s horrific when the child abuse goes beyond being used as an entry prop to more serious forms of servitude like this,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies.

She praised the Trump administration for proposing a rule that would allow DNA to be taken from a broader range of illegal immigrants, which could sniff out more fraudulent families at the border.

Ms. Vaughan also lauded the cooperation between police in Aurora and ICE.

Aurora says it generally follows a noncooperation policy with ICE on deportation, prohibiting use of any resources to “support ICE in its enforcement activities.”

But that wall of separation doesn’t extend to trafficking investigations, where the city does cooperate with Homeland Security Investigations, a branch of ICE that operates separately from Enforcement and Removal Operations, the deportation arm.

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